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Sony World Photography Awards 2020

Produced by the World Photography Organization, the internationally acclaimed Sony World Photography Awards are one of the most important fixtures in the global photographic calendar. The Awards are a global voice for photography and provide a vital insight into contemporary photography today. For both established and emerging artists, the Awards offer world-class opportunities for exposure...

2020 Palm Beach Poetry Festival

The Palm Beach Poetry Festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the writing, reading, performance, and appreciation of poetry – by presenting an annual festival and other poetry events in Palm Beach County – featuring America’s finest poets. The Palm Beach Poetry Festival has flourished for 11 years, presenting workshops with America’s most laurelled...

Gauteng Public Speaking League

The National Arts Association aims to give more students the opportunity to participate in provincial competitions where they are built up and learn valuable life skills such as debating, logical and critical thinking and the opportunity to let their own voices be heard. Speakers will compete against fellow speakers in their own grade. This means...

Lubabalo Tybosch

Lubabalo Tybosch

Chief Executive Officer at Infinite Flame (Pty) Ltd
The SA Mark Founder, NDP Youth Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Multi-Award Winner, Mentor, Mannatech Associate,Philanthropist
Lubabalo Tybosch
Lubabalo Tybosch

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