IKEI International Photo Contest 2019

IKEI Photo Contest is an international competition of social and company photography characterised by a clear testimonial approach adopted in the context of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of IKEI research & consultancy, SA, an international company with an experience of more than 2,500 projects developed in collaboration with more than 600 clients.

In 2018 the Contest has gone through its 2nd Edition, with 900 participants and more than 2600 photographs submitted.

Aim Of The Contest:

This is a photo contest that focuses on life in society and life in companies.


There are two categories in the IKEI Photo Contest. Each participant may submit a maximum of two photographs per category. It is possible to participate in either or both of the two categories:

Social Life

The purpose of this category is to reflect social life in its broadest terms, portraying a person interacting with others and with their surroundings.

Company Life

The purpose of this category is to reflect the above but in a more specific sense. It aims to capture life in companies.

Location: Online


The photography contest has two prizes for each of the two categories

(first and second place). In addition to these four prizes, twenty honorary mentions will be given (ten per category) and the “prize for participation” draw will be based upon this selection. More specifically, the breakdown of the prizes is as follows:

“Social Life” category:

First prize: 1,000 euros*
Second prize: 600 euros*
10 honorary mentions

“Company Life” category:

First prize: 1,000 euros*
Second prize: 600 euros*
10 honorary mentions

Javier Larraya prize for participation:

among the 20 honorary mentions, a prize will be drawn with a value of 300 euros*.

Each participant may win only one prize per category.

* These amounts will be subject to tax deductions as appropriate.


*Any individual over the age of 18 may take part in the photo contest, regardless of their geographical location (the contest is open to the whole world) or their professional status (they may be professional or amateur photographers).

*Each participant will be identified by their National Identity Document number, meaning that there can only be one participant per National Identity Document number. Later submissions with the same National Identity Document number will not be accepted.

*Participation is free.

*Employees of IKEI research & consultancy, S.A. and members of the jury are not allowed to participate.

*Eligible Regions: Open For All

Enter competition via http://www.ikeiphotocontest.es/en/