Paradise Sound System Offering Artists An Opportunity To Shine

In an exciting new opportunity for artists across all genres, the initiative aims to assist independent artists with creating worldclass content and ensuring it is distributed globally – all while retaining ownership in their creative works.

Selection will be made based on the strength of the material submitted via the above online form taking into account the artists sound, exciting online content, originality of the music & existing following.

The 10 artists selected each one will emerge with:
– 1 x live performance video edit (2 camera set up) to promote new music.
– 1 x shout out video teaser
– 1-3 x mastered live songs.

Deadline for submission: 20 January 2020
Announcement of participants: 22nd January 2020

Before you sign up for Paradise Sound System, please review the below information carefully:

The idea behind Paradise Sound System is that we record your visual and audio show in the most professional way possible in order to make these recording available across Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL. This is a great way to kick start your new year, add some awesome content to an upcoming Album, Single or EP release or have a professionally recorder live show to pitch to promoters. We invite you to be part of the very first Paradise Sound System edition with the vision of developing your project step by step, an innovative approach for Indie Africa.

In order to participate in Paradise Sound System, please be sure to tick all below boxes relating to your performance:
– Artists are required to perform at least 2 original songs (ie: not a remix or cover version)
– These songs haven’t been released on any platform before (with the exception of Soundcloud)
– Performing agrees to deliver all relevant data on the composition and lyrics (Clean Metadata)

Reasons for above mentioned:
– If remixes are performed, we would need to secure licence from the rights holder which is often a long process
– We are looking for new, exciting material to support and distribute. All track performed to be unreleased, fresh material.

Release your music without a label! Stay independent! Keep your rights! Join the Paradise Sound System movement!