Open Call for In-Residence Artist Residency

OIn response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gallery Contemporary Calgary’s latest Collider residency will be run as an experimental In-Residence Artist Residency, facilitated via virtual interactions and workshops.

The making of art tends to be a solitary practice. Artist residencies have, for years, facilitated peer review and the sharing of knowledge in refreshingly new ways and spaces. In the midst of a global pandemic, Contemporary Calgary invites artists to draw parallels between their own studio practices and today’s need to observe social distance and self-isolation. By destabilising the very agency of the residency model in adapting it instead to a virtual interface, they explore and question its efficacy while attempting to configure new ways of cohabiting space, expanding platforms for art production and engagement, and building meaningful communal relationships.

At another level, Contemporary Calgary continues its thematic focus on exploring our engagement with the land, proposing to better understand our shared resources and emotive functions, as a human species when collectively faced with an unseen/microscopic contagion. Can creative practices build bridges and pave new roads in the making of congruous interactions and harmonious living? Toward developing this ambition, Contemporary Calgary encourages artists to think of containment as a renewed freedom toward rethinking locked positions and revitalising ideas of mutual co-existence.

The In-Residence artists are expected to realise at least one individual work, one public programme that the artist is expected to execute, and one work developed collaboratively among all residents. The work produced in this residency is not a commission and need not result in physical objects, but should reflect the issues that define the call.

Applications are welcome from local, national and international contemporary artists, working in the fields of visual art, arts writing, sound, film, photography, design and performance.

Selected artists will receive a $1500 CAD (~1000 EUR) residency fee. A total of ten artists will be accepted. The residency will run for 6 weeks from 4 May– 15 June 2020, spanning three work week modules of two weeks each. The residency will require weekly online meetings and workshops.

Deadline: 15 April 2020

Apply via