I, Africa 2020 VAW Anthology — Call for Submissions

Submissions Deadline: June 5, 2020

Identity encompasses the memories, the experiences, the relationships, the values, and all the other aspects of life that create one’s sense of self. The task of identity formation is a difficult yet a vital one. It may even be lifelong. The VAW (Voices of African Women) Anthology serves as an essential ammunition for women braving through this discovery process. With this publication, through the arts (drawing, comics, painting, photography, poetry, short story and essay), we hope to transform the process into an unusual, amusive, rewarding, and an inclusive one.

To celebrate African Women’s Day on July 31—the I, Africa organization—would like to publish an anthology of the most audacious female African voices, providing opportunities for them to share their vision of a better, stronger, more inclusive and reverent world for all women. They would like them to not only voice themselves in perennial lines, but possibly in a virtual roundtable as well. By selling the most copies of the anthology, we hope to raise enough funds to dedicate to a social project, in the following calendar year, benefiting women of the African community.

In the first edition of this art collection, we hope to showcase pieces that outline identity—its development as recounted by you, African women. We want to know how you see yourselves; the internal and external difficulties you face when making it known to the world, your family, friends, to your own selves. iAfrica wants to know how you’re doing, what you’re doing, your dreams and even your most daring hopes for the world; they would love to know it all. So, write it all up and send them for consideration.


In order to submit a piece, participants must fulfil the criteria below:
– Up to three submissions per person
– Submissions must respect the deadline (June 5, 2020 @ 11:59 P.M. EST)
– Participants must be Africa-born women or first generation descendants.
– Submissions may be in any African language and English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese. Submissions in — African languages must be accompanied by a translation in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Note that we’ll publish your submission in the language in which it is submitted.
Submissions may be in the following forms: drawing, comics, painting, photography, poetry (up to 40 lines), short story and essay (up to 2000 words).

The submissions must relate to the main theme: AFRI-FEMME. Let your creative mind interpret it with the force of its own will. So long as your submissions represent your views, feelings, dreams, ambitions and even your most daring imagination. In addition, they should relate to one of the sub-themes:
Sexual Freedom
Her place in the world
Stories the world wouldn’t believe


Please submit your creative work through this link: https://www.iafrica54.com/vaw-application by the deadline (June 5, 2020 @ 11:59 P.M., EST)

If you have any question, please contact: contact@iafrica54.com

Official website https://www.iafrica54.com/vaw-application