COVID-19 Fund For Jazz Musicians

The Jazz Coalition in the US has launched the Commission Fund, which seeks to finance jazz musicians around the world facing financial emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artists are nominated by Jazz Coalition members and are selected by a jury of their peers to receive $1 000 commission grants to create new work, which will be published on its website and social networks.

“Jazz Coalition aims to unite the global jazz community by welcoming all industry professionals, musicians and supporters into an inclusive network,” the coalition said. “To boost collective morale during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jazz Coalition is mobilising to support artists by commissioning the creation of new works. These commissions will become a new canon of music representing our collective resilience moving us all forward.”

Recipients will premiere their music at partner venues when the public assembly is safe and possible again.

Jazz Coalition membership is made up of music industry professionals, musicians and amateurs from around the globe. New and current members are invited to make a minimum contribution of $100 to the organisation’s funding goal, which is between $40 000 and $50 000.

The funding pool for the Commission Fund will have a second stage with a public GoFundMe campaign and additional outreach to grow the fund and increase the number of overall recipients.


All new commissions should be original works. A new/unique arrangement of an existing piece will be accepted.
Jazz Coalition encourages recipients to consider incorporating themes in their compositions that reflect upon the current crisis.
Jazz Coalition welcomes a commission recipient to tribute jazz artists lost to COVID-19 in their work.
Jazz Coalition encourages recipients to share/stream a work-in-progress version of the commission work before it is premiered.
Selection process

There is no application process. Jazz Coalition members nominate an artist they feel deserves a commission. Then a jury committee selects the commission recipients from the pool of nominees.
Commissions are paid to recipients immediately upon completion of the selection process by the jury committee, and upon processing of commission agreement between Jazz Coalition and recipient.
Jazz Coalition will award commissions on a rolling basis, as stages of funding pool targets are met.
Interested musicians can complete the membership form here

For more information, contact the Jazz Coalition here