Seeking All Genres for TV Placements

Tyler Dofflow the A&R Manager at Quiet On The Set Inc. is looking for song submissions of any genre for TV placements. The company works with a variety of shows and is always looking for new music to place. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Quiet On The Set Inc. started out in 2001 offering productions a source of music that was alternative to the same old, same old tracks from the same old pool of LA and NY artists. It was a long road, but they convinced their clients that other music was just as good, and in most cases, even better. And all that work has definitely paid off big time, especially for those artists who could never gain access to be heard. It’s those artists, like yourself, who now have a home and have a chance to be heard under a deal that’s the most artist friendly in the business!

Never wavering from its philosophy, Quiet On The Set Inc efforts have resulted in the placement of their artists’ music from indie films to shows such as Big Bang Theory, America’s Next Top Model, Last Comic Standing, and NCIS: LA, just to name a few.

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