The Write Project Film Fund 2020/2021

The Write Project Film Fund was created for the specific purpose to promote the development and production of professionally produced filmed entertainment in South Africa for exhibition internationally. The main goal of The Write Project is to boost entrepreneurial creativity domestically, bring film investments to South Africa, encourage the production of professional audiovisual works and promote international co–production.

The Write Project Film Fund is budgeted at R200 million annually.

Formed in February 2020, The Write Project Film Fund is a subsidiary of PSP Media Capital, a next-generation media finance company that is backed by Asian Investment Partners based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hong Kong, China.

Submission of applications is now open for the following eligible projects:

– Feature Films
– Short Films (Scripts & Concepts)
– Documentaries (Scripts & Treatments)
– TV Series (Pilots & Treatments)

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