The East African Documentary Film Fund

Film-Pro Series presents an exciting new lab for professional Kenyan screenwriters with entertaining comedy, drama, family, fantasty, romance or thrillers in progress that Kenyan and African audiences will connect with.

Writers and writer/ directors with creative producers identified will have an advantage. Participants will need to be available for a five-day lab from August 10th to 14th 2020 and also prepared for directors and producers attached to the screenplay to participate in a Creative Producing workshop in September. The end goal is to develop a slate of films for presentation as a slate to interested platforms, so writers need to be open to having their screenplays optioned.

Participants must further be prepared for critiques and rewrites.
Please submit a logline, punchy synopsis, treatment (5 – 6 pages long), and links to any previous fiction work. We want to know your concept and hook straight away and will make our selection using these elements.

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