Song Request For Comedy Sci-fi TV Show

Washington Street Publishing is collecting songs for season 2 of this Comedy Sci-fi TV show. Think MTV style / current music. Genres: Electro-pop, electronic/ EDM, dark pop, hip hop, R&B, alt-rock/indie (not rock guitar based). Male or female vox. You can be very literal with the lyrics for this show. Here are the 4 main themes:

1. Haunted/haunting, ghost, death, buried, skeletons, watching you, your ghost, ghost of you

2. Don’t need you, alone, by myself, better off without you, I got this, in control, lost, vanished, fade away, disappear

3. Together, working/coming together, partners, got your back, on the same page, want the same things

4. Driving, chasing, catch me if you can, here we come, won’t get away, hot on the trail

Budget: $1k+ depending on placement


Washington Street Publishing is an entertainment company with a focus on music in media. We are committed to finding the perfect song for each artist, film, TV or commercial project.


– Nancy Peacock / Washington Street Publishing

Time left: 6 days

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/washingtonstreetpublishing/home?authuser=0

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