DeeVu Records Seeking Artists and Producer for Label Deals

DeeVu Records is a record label, artist management and PR company based in the south east of England specializing in quality music from any genre, especially, pop, dance, soul, house, uk garage, funk. The company is looking for artists from any genre, however the music must be of a very high standard, for example, mixed and ready to master.

DeeVu Records is also looking for new remixers and producers to work with and again their work would need to be of a high standard. They are offering recording deals on a per track basis, which leaves the doors open to negotiate deals with the majors if DeeVu is able to generate the right interest.

DeeVu Records has released records by the following artists:
Jack Rose, KC Thorpe, Triptych, DJ Fen, Angel Farringdon, April, Carpe Diem, Jasmine Knight, DJ Mark Anthony, Cellardore, Leda Stray, RiP Productions, Elizmi Haze, Sandi Bogle

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