Foundwork Artist Prize 2020 For Contemporary Artists Worldwide ($10,000 grant)

Deadline: October 15, 2020

Entries are open for the Foundwork Artist Prize 2020. The Foundwork Artist Prize is an annual juried award inaugurated in 2019 to recognize outstanding practice by contemporary artists. Awarded annually to support outstanding artistic practice, the Foundwork Artist Prize includes an unrestricted $10,000 grant and studio visits with each of the distinguished jurors.

Foundwork is a venue for artists to introduce their work to people across the global contemporary art community. Our purpose is to enable greater access between artists, curators, and collaborators wherever they are based. The project was inspired by founder Adam Yokell’s experience running a gallery in Brooklyn called Hometown where he worked mainly with emerging artists. Wanting for a broader way to conduct artist research, he decided to develop Foundwork as a tool for artists and collaborators.


  • The honoree receives an unrestricted $10,000 grant and studio visits with the jurors who include progressive curators, gallerists, and artists.
  • The honoree and three short-listed artists are also featured in interviews as part of our Dialogues program.


  • The 2020 Foundwork Artist Prize is open to artists who reside in any location around the world, except for a limited number of countries, states, and provinces listed below.
  • Artists working in any media are eligible.

In addition, in order to be eligible, an artist must:

  • be an individual who is at least eighteen years old;
  • not be a Foundwork employee, contractor, or their relative;
  • be able to use Foundwork and participate in the Prize in accordance with all applicable laws; and
  • have a published artist profile on Foundwork, with at least 5 published artworks, continuously throughout the selection period: 5:00 pm ET, October 15, 2020–5:00 pm ET, November 30, 2020.
  • Artists are otherwise eligible regardless of age, race, creed, color, religion, country of origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability, or veteran status.
  • Please note that residents of the following countries, states, and provinces are not eligible for the 2020 Foundwork Artist Prize: Argentina; Arizona (US State); Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Colorado (US State); Republic of Colombia; Cuba; Hong Kong; Iceland; Italy; Iran; Japan; Kosovo; Latvia; Macedonia; North Korea; Quebec (Canadian Province); Russia; Saudi Arabia; Serbia; Sudan; Syria; Thailand; and United Arab Emirates (UAE). These geographic restrictions are for regulatory reasons beyond our control, and we appreciate your understanding.


  • The honoree and short-listed artists will be chosen on the basis of artistic merit, which they define as demonstrating a critical engagement with, and making a distinctive contribution to, one’s chosen media.
  • Artwork in any media will be considered, and any artwork, artist statements, and other information which an artist publishes on Foundwork may be considered during the selection process.
    • However, please note that artwork reviewed for the Prize must be created by you individually (i.e. it must not also be attributed to anyone else).


  • The first five (5) artworks that you publish in your artist profile on Foundwork (i.e. the first five works appearing at the top of your profile page) will be considered during the selection process.
  • You are welcome to publish more than 5 works in your artist profile if you wish, and artists are generally welcome to publish as many works as they wish on our platform. If you do choose to publish more than 5 works in your artist profile, any additional works may be reviewed at our and the jury’s discretion, as applicable.


Artists will need to create a profile on Foundwork by October 15th to be eligible for the 2020 Prize. Please see the “Foundwork Artist Prize” section in this FAQ for more information.

There is no entry fee to be considered for the Foundwork Artist Prize. An artist only needs to meet the eligibility criteria and have a published profile on Foundwork, with at least 5 published artworks, throughout the selection period: 5:00 pm ET October 15, 2020–5:00 pm ET November 30, 2020.

Click here to apply.

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