dice artist comission
dice artist comission

DICE Artist Commission

The commission will comprise:

* a briefing and dialogue with the DICE Team and Professor JP Singh and the other five artists who have been commissioned (from the other DICE countries)
* further discussion about the text with the six artists to explore what aspects they would be interested in visualizing – both as a group and individually
* two rounds of submissions from the artist – with feedback provided by the DICE team
publication of your work in the text. The full report and visualisations will be shared widely with the international development community, arts commissioners and investors, and the British Council networks.

The budget available for each artist’s commission is £450 – £2,500. This includes the time spent in the briefing session, two rounds of artistic submissions and the cost of materials.


six artists who are;

* working in one or more of the following media: illustration, painting, graphic design, animation, poetry, graphic novel, comic strips, etc.
* excited by the DICE programme ideas
* interested in interpreting this academic paper visually and prepared to grapple with its complex ideas
able to create wonderful works of art that help tell a story / show a perspective on DICE and JP Singh’s analysis
* proficient, native or fluent in reading English (so as to be able to navigate the text)
comfortable with and mindful of deadlines
* welcoming of constructive criticism with respect to their work
* able to attend a briefing workshop with other commissioned artists, the DICE team and Prof. JP Singh
create and deliver in February – March 2021.

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