Go Digital- Sub Saharan Africa-Wales grants
Go Digital- Sub Saharan Africa-Wales grants

Go Digital: Sub Saharan Africa-Wales Grants

Grants of between £5000 and £8000 are available to individuals and organisations in Wales and Sub Saharan Africa to collaborate on digital projects.

In March 2019, British Council Wales began an action research programme, looking at how Wales could best use its arts and cultural assets to promote Wales and its cultural and creative industries. Plans for the next phase of work are focusing on the digital initiatives and responses of the arts and creative industries sector in Wales and the Sub Saharan Africa region to the pandemic, as well as mapping new opportunities and new innovations in ways of sharing and showcasing artistic work and practice.

Researchers in Sub Saharan Africa and Wales will work with successful applicants to monitor and analyse new projects and feed into the action research reporting.

General eligibility information:

* The fund is open to arts and culture individuals and organisations
* Applications must be a partnership between one Wales organisation and at least one organisation based * * in one or more of the Sub Saharan Africa countries listed below.
* There must be one lead applicant, but this does not need to be the UK organisation.
* Lead applicants must have a bank account that accepts GBP.
* In general, funding should be split equally between the partners

Eligible countries

Wales in partnership with at least one country from the following list:

Botswana | Ethiopia | Ghana | Kenya | Malawi | Mauritius | Mozambique | Namibia | Nigeria | Rwanda | Senegal | Sierra Leone | South Africa | South Sudan | Sudan | Tanzania | Uganda | Zambia | Zimbabwe

Funding available

There are three grants of between £5000 and £8000 available to research and develop new virtual collaboration projects to be shared by 31 December 2021.

Example project types

We are expecting to fund the following kinds of projects (this is not an exhaustive list):

Research and development of new project or festival ideas
Research and development of virtual art residencies
Research and development of virtual exhibitions or showcases
Virtual conferences
Research and development for mixed, augmented and virtual reality projects

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