Ask music industry insiders YOUR questions… online! 😎

Here’s your chance to get a FREE preview of some of Songwriting Pro’s special online events. These are normally only for SWPro subscribers, but in the month of April, songwriter pro has opened them up to the public. So jump on in – from anywhere in the world! Β There’s one “open house”Β 

  • “DISCIPLINE DETERMINES YOUR DESTINY” – Tuesday, April 28, 7:30pm-8:30pm Central

One of the Songwriters Pro founders has partnered upΒ  with Sheree Spoltore’ of Global Songwriters Connection to benefit songwriters like you. During this live online event, they will reveal how your mindset will set you up for either success or failure… and how to get and keep a positive mindset! They will also take your questions.


Once you’ve downloaded Zoom, just click the link to join the event

Meeting ID: 391 790 729