DALRO celebrates South African Theatre by giving back

By Richard Cantor – The year 2015 marks the eighth year in a row that the Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Writes Organisation (DALRO) have shown their unwavering support for the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Lifetime Achievement Award in Theatre.

Jack Devnarain, Richard Loring, Brenda Sakellarides & Gerard Robinson Jack Devnarain, Richard Loring, Brenda Sakellarides & Gerard Robinson
Jack Devnarain, Richard Loring, Brenda Sakellarides & Gerard Robinson

The Lifetime Achievement awards are an essential opportunity for organisations such as DALRO to support the arts industry. DALRO has contributed significantly to the arts and have played a crucial role in protecting the rights of South African writers since 1967 for fair use of their work and to ensure that their creative endeavours are compensated for, which is key to creating a sustainable future for creative professionals.

“DALRO forms an integral part of the arts due to us facilitating and administering various exploitations of copyright protected works, in the literary, visual and performing arts realms” says Jade Bowers of the DALRO Theatricals department.

As an arts administration and management asset to both the global market and South African artists specifically, the importance of DALRO cannot be overstated. They provide the critical link between artists and the licensees who use their works without being taken advantage of.

“We have a directive to ensure that the artists we represent are financially and ethically compensated for the use of their work. We believe that artists should be able to make a real living off the hard work in the art world” states Bowers.

Previous ACT Lifetime Achievement awards recipients include Lynette Marais, John Kani, Gcina Mhlophe, Mannie Manim, Welcome Msomi, Sandra Prinsloo and last year’s winner Richard Loring.

Through DALRO’s continued support, ACT remains in a position to recognise South African luminaries who have had an immense impact on the arts industry at large. DALRO’s sponsorship of the ACT Awards ceremony is testament to their noble efforts to encourage and recognise exceptional artists in theatre.

The ACT Awards ceremony will take place on the 2nd of November at the Maslow Hotel.

DALRO is a multi-purpose copyright society that collects royalties for the use of copyright-protected works on behalf of authors and publishers, which it then distributes back to the correct copyright-owner. As a custodian of copyright and the protection of rightsholders’ works, DALRO’s main areas of administration are reprographic reproduction rights (photocopying from published editions), public performance rights (including stage rights for book musicals and dramas) and reproduction rights (whether for publishing or copying) in works of visual art. For more information please visit www.dalro.co.za.

Source: http://www.act.org.za/blog/dalro-celebrates-south-african-theatre-by-giving-back/