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Gauteng Public Speaking League

Gauteng Public Speaking League

The National Arts Association aims to give more students the opportunity to participate in provincial competitions where they are built up and learn valuable life skills such as debating, logical and critical thinking and the opportunity to let their own voices be heard.
Speakers will compete against fellow speakers in their own grade. This means that the competition is age-orientated and gives students the opportunity to develop their talents, improve public speaking skills and to open the art of public performance to more children.
The main focus is to equip students to speak their minds on topics that they believe in. This opens the floor for new ideas, creativity and speeches that challenge the norm.

Grade winners will receive provincial recognition for public speaking at school level in the form of a prestige badge.
The Top 10 speakers per grade will each receive a TOP 10 medal.
The Top 10 students also gain points for their school to compete for the overall school award.
All other speakers will receive participation certificates.
A Top 5 Primary and Top 5 Secondary schools will be announced.
Competition Dates
Primary and secondary school: 27 July 2019
Host school
1945 6th St, Linden, Randburg, 2194
There are both individual and team sections which may be entered
Students may participate in both prepared and unprepared categories
Each school may enter their top five students per grade.
Studios / Drama schools may enter top four students per grade.
Students only compete against learners in their own grade.
All students participate in school uniform.
There are NO prescribed themes, but students must have an argumentative topic.
Time limits as per National competitions (Primary school not exceeding 3-5 minutes / High school not exceeding 5-7 minutes)
Entry amount: R 160.00 per student.
Only bank deposits are accepted. Proof of payment must accompany entry form
Teams pay R160.00 per member
Team public speaking may not exceed 10 minutes.


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