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Ziza: Shining Hour

Ziza: Shining Hour

Saturday, 11 August 2018
20h30 – R 150

‘This will be my shining hour
Calm and happy and bright
In my dreams, your face will flower
Through the darkness of the night.
Like the lights of home before me
Or an angel, watching o’er me
This will be my shining hour
’til I’m with you again.’
(Johnny Mercer ‘My shining hour’)

Shining Hour is the title of Ziza Muftic second album. Recorded in April this year, with the very band she will be sharing the stage at The Orbit on Saturday , 11 August, the album is due to be released later this year.

Mercer’s delightful lyrics somewhat describe the mood and the message of Ziza’s new album. John Coltrane did it!

‘It was while driving one day, listening to Trane playing the melody of this beautiful standard tune. I felt alive and inspired! This is the perfect title for how I am feeling right now, as a woman and a musician. My shining hour of music collected from all over the world. Some are original compositions; some are arrangements of the tunes I love,” says Ziza.

Connected through music and deep friendships, Ziza and her band have been playing as a group for four years now. Please join them in conversations, exploring musical possibilities of many cultures, through the language of jazz.

Ziza has just returned from a two-week performance program at Berklee College of music in Valencia, Spain. This multicultural environment provided a wonderful opportunity to learn and connect with musicians from all over the world.

Ziza Muftic – vocals
Sydney Mnisi – tenor sax & flute
Peter Sklair – electric bass
Roland Moses – piano
Peter Auret – drums

An advance booking in advised and you may 011 339 6645 / 081 534 2867 or email Students receive a 50% discount on tickets.


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